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A Look at Timeless Architectural Features

Residential Architecture Defies Trends and Endures for Decades When Architects Make Thoughtful Design Choices

Thoughtful architectural design is the foundation for custom homes that exceed expectations and fit seamlessly into any lifestyle. Timeless design styles continue to be aesthetically pleasing long after construction is complete, making the experience of working with a residential architect one of the most important steps when contemplating a custom home.

Reputable and experienced residential architects understand timeless design and the features that contribute to homeowners loving their home now and in the future. The following architectural features and concepts are classic design principles that never go stale or fall out of style – and also the ones to avoid when planning your project.

Context Within Surroundings

Custom homes give architects and property owners the unique opportunity to integrate the home with its surroundings – not only for geographical topography, but also in the context of the area’s culture.

For example, a timeless custom home in Kansas City, Missouri, might draw inspiration from the area’s signature architecture, such as the Kansas City shirtwaist or the Dible Tudor, or incorporate locally sourced building materials into the home. In addition, the house could be oriented to grant spectacular views of local rivers, bluffs, or city skylines.

In essence, context within surroundings makes a custom home feel like it is part of the setting. Timeless architectural design takes advantage of this concept and requires collaborating with landscape architects for the most impact. Reputable and experienced residential architecture firms integrate landscape architects at the beginning of the project to create flow between the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

These unique custom homes are a few examples of context within surroundings:

Clarity of Form Facilitates Clarity of Function

Residential architecture doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple designs most often hold their appeal. Clear form and function – rather than complex or overly busy – create timeless architecture, as the right form facilitates how a space functions.

What makes form and function clear? Harmonious proportions, balance, and composition are three key architectural features to seek in your custom home project. These principles ensure your custom home is as appealing in 20 years as it was at completion.

These custom home projects are examples of form and function:

Architectural Features Require Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

For longevity, residential architecture should be created from quality materials, with a focus on craftsmanship. When you partner with an architecture firm to design your custom home, ask about trusted builders. Your architects can recommend those they’ve worked with in the past to ensure your new home is as long-lasting as its architectural features are timeless.

In addition to choosing the right craftsmen for your project, it’s equally important to use the best available materials, locally or specially sourced, for the longevity of your custom home. Higher quality construction and materials could mean fewer repairs or renovations in the coming decade.

Check out these custom homes that used specially sourced or intentionally chosen materials in their construction:

Avoid Trends in Design

Trends in home design come and go, which is especially true in residential architecture. Trends can quickly become dated, requiring further modification, renovation and changes that cost time, money and energy. Notable examples include the over-the-top modern farmhouse trend popularized by HGTV or unnecessary complex facades and floorplans of the 1990s “McMansions.”

By simultaneously blending the old and new, following form and function, and focusing on quality, timeless architecture is inherently familiar, exciting and comforting. Custom homes can draw inspiration from various architectural design eras and global regions, such as Spain or the Mediterranean, without mimicking them, so that the architectural design remains relevant.

These homes avoid so-called trends without compromising style or design:

Work with a Residential Architecture Firm with a Focus on Excellence

If your goal for custom home ownership is timeless design, make sure to partner with an architecture firm with a robust portfolio that includes enduring examples of their work and aligns with your priorities and desires in a home.

Contact a firm with a demonstrated excellence and integrity, to create designs with distinctive detail, proportion and balance. These values ensure your custom home project endures time, defies trends and remains a fixture in your family for years to come.

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