Lake Quivira Contemporary Refresh

Lake Quivira, Kansas



Located in Lake Quivira, the new owner’s desired a bold contemporary renovation of the home’s original 1970’s exterior. This new exterior remodel connects the home to the previously completed, expansive, interior renovation. A key focus of the project was to promote a better physical and visual connection to the lake from both inside and outside of the home.

The clients desired an aesthetic that promoted straight lines, natural woods, outdoor living, and increased views of the lake. This was accomplished by stripping the front of the home and reintroducing lowered decks at select locations. Also, employing cable railing was an easy way to have an open, clear sightline of the lake. Additional work extended inside to further draw the new exterior form inward. The dining room ceiling was vaulted in order to match the open interior of the home and maximize outside light and the lake view. Furthermore, the length of the home was more clearly defined by the addition of vibrant stained wood siding at the elevated bedroom and central kitchen which helps to anchor the home to its site.

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