Land Planning

Get the most from your land with our full-service architecture firm based in Kansas City

Land planning creates distinct communities within your city. It’s a major part of the design process that works with the topography, landforms, natural resources, and existing vegetation to create the structure of the community.

This approach creates innovative land plans for residential and multifamily communities, mixed-use developments, and commercial districts that include single family homes, multifamily homes, retail, office, vibrant streets, and thoughtfully integrated greenspaces.

NSPJ is experienced in working with city officials, staff, and other consultants to efficiently take projects through the entire regulatory process. We work with land developers, commercial real estate firms, realtors, municipalities, and individual landowners. Our goal is to create a unique land plan that meets the clients’ needs and provides future users a memorable experience.

Land Planning in Action

NSPJ Architects transforms once-verdant farmland into modern-day developments that provide housing, host restaurants and retail boutiques, and serve as home to job creators.

We solve for stormwater management and thoughtfully incorporate greenspace into communities. 

And we revitalize underutilized urban areas to bring new life to cities.

Explore our land-planning projects to see how.

Kansas City Land Planning Services

Our full-service architecture firm near you sets your development up for success from the beginning, by offering comprehensive land planning services, including:

Due Diligence and Feasibility Analyses

Overcome obstacles during the pre-development phase.

Land Surveying

The first step in any civil engineering and architectural project to mark boundaries and topography.

Entitlement Services & Strategies

Before you invest in architectural services, we’ll ensure you can secure permission for site annexation and rezoning.

Community Master Planning

Planned communities should reflect the stories of the people from the area to enhance quality of life for future generations.

Structural Engineering

Your new building must stand up to the laws of gravity, and selected materials must perform as they should in climate and site conditions. Structural engineers review plans to ensure strength and safety.

Headquartered In Prairie Village, KS, And Planning Across the Nation and Worldwide.

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