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Landscape Architecture

Kansas City landscape architects sculpt outdoor installations to maximize land value and aesthetics

Combining art and science, landscape architects design and plan useful and visually appealing outdoor spaces by combining natural beauty with site features.

See our work around Prairie Village, Kan., the Kansas City metropolitan, Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri and more areas.

Residential Landscape Architecture

Single-family homes, multi-family homes and senior living communities stand out when surrounded by well-planned landscaping and outdoor features. Establish your own backyard getaway and outdoor community spaces for residents that fit within the site and works with it to evoke an emotion or sense of peace, privacy and luxury – or any feeling you’re wishing to create. 

We’ll customize your landscape to complement your home’s style, considering maintenance needs, and how you’ll use the space today and in the future, from large estates to small urban lots.

Mixed-Use Landscape Architecture

Landscapes complement the architecture of business parks and mixed-use buildings and provide outdoor spaces that reflect a company’s values and benefit those who work there.

See your landscape as an amenity that combines natural beauty with useful spaces that maximize land value and aesthetics.

Amenities and Pools

Planned neighborhoods provide resident amenities and meaningful landscapes. Swimming pools, clubhouses and other shared recreational green spaces add dimension and value to landscapes.

Monuments and Streetscapes

Public art spaces, neighborhood and city markers, walkable plazas and pedestrian zones contribute to the beauty and health of the city. These aspects of landscape denote certain areas, and they contribute to the overall perception of their surroundings.

Landscape Architecture FAQs

Our landscape architects are adept at working with city governments and neighborhood organizations to develop and design landscape features that follow the law and will work to resolve any outstanding issues in the way of project completion.

Our fees vary depending on scope of work, size of the project, and other factors. Contact our main office in Prairie Village, Kansas, at (913) 831-1415 to learn more about our services and contracts.

Although similarly named, a landscape architect and landscape designer complete a very different scope of work.

A landscape architect holds a formal license and can create a plan for your entire outdoor area, including structural modifications or additions. A landscape designer, however, focuses predominantly on the layout of plants, shrubs, and trees, and has a background in horticulture and a basic understanding of design principles.

Similarly, a landscaping company understands the horticultural implications of a landscape, but they do not provide the same scope of work as a landscape architect and carry out the physical labor of creating plant-based- and hardscape-based landscapes.

NSPJ Architects are licensed in 23 states and have completed work for clients around the country. We are based in Prairie Village, Kansas, near Kansas City.

Welcoming public spaces and luxurious backyard getaways meld seamlessly into the surrounding architecture

For beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, work with NSPJ Architects.

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