Harmonious Home

Prairie Village, Kan.



After designing a residence for a family member, NSPJ was selected to design a home for this family member moving back home to Prairie Village, Kan. With an eye for design, the client collected images capturing inspiration for his home. Through a collaborative process between the architect and homeowner, the designs created a unique fit for his lifestyle. A French-influenced exterior adds a special touch and a reminder of homes from where he once lived.

To compliment the modest height of the Cape Cod homes in the neighborhood, the home’s two-story portion was pushed farther from the street than its neighbors, to diminish its scale. Our new home architects incorporated a single-story garage into the front of the house, where its scale kept with the adjacent neighbors.

Artistic touches throughout the project resulted from the synergy between the homeowner and our Kansas City residential architect. Much of the exterior of the home is covered in white brick with an intimate covered patio facing the backyard, complete with an outdoor fireplace for cozy spring and fall evenings. 

Design KC Magazine Award, 2023

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