MetroWire Media 2019 Multifamily Summit

NSPJ Architects’ Co-President Tim Homburg was a panelist at this summer’s MetroWire Media 2019 Multifamily Summit. The summit brought together leaders in the multifamily market to discuss current market conditions and trends.  This informative event provided a variety of viewpoints on both Kansas City and the greater Midwest markets. The event was hosted at The Loretto Event Space in Midtown/Westport KC. The Loretto is a 1902 historic events venue which recently underwent extensive renovations designed by NSPJ.

Panelists at the MetroWire Media 2019 Multifamily Summit with Tim Homburg second from the right. Photo by: ArchPhoto KC

Along with panelist Tim Homburg, NSPJ was well-represented at the Summit with eight architectural staff members in attendance. Additionally, Iris Abramof, NSPJ Designer/Project Manager, described her take away from the morning as being filled with exciting information regarding how many people have been moving into the Kansas City region to absorb new apartment units at a much higher rate than comparable cities.

The Loretto Event Space in Kansas City, Missouri remodeled by NSPJ Architects
The MetroWire Media Summit was held at The Loretto Event Space recently remodeled by NSPJ Architects.

Multifamily Trends

Some multifamily trends that were discussed included concierge services, larger amenity spaces, and new approaches to shared living spaces. Providing concierge services allows multifamily properties to engage with their residents on a more personal level; making reservations, coordinating events, dry-cleaning and even housekeeping services can all be provided by the concierge. Smaller apartment sizes are justifying larger amenity spaces with additional co-working/shared work spaces. Moreover, this appeals to the rapidly growing remote employee market segment. In today’s rental-focused economy, developers have rethought shared space to provide more Co-Living. This potentially allows residents to rent out their properties or spare rooms with guests.

531 Grand in Kansas City, Missouri designed by NSPJ Architects and Landscape Architects
 The Clubhouse at 531 Grand in Kansas City, Missouri designed by NSPJ Architects
The Pool/Clubhouse at Copper Ridge in Liberty, Missouri designed by NSPJ Architects and Landscape Architects

Tim Homburg’s Thoughts

Tim Homburg noted the recent increase in multifamily volume in Kansas City, “The amount of product that became available for rent stepped back in 2017 with the thought that multifamily had ran its course. We have found there is more room for growth with a resurgence in multifamily projects kicking off design. Multifamily for-rent apartments are here to stay. The path to ownership since the recession has not been easy, making the for-rent market thrive.”

Tim continued, “I enjoy designing multifamily with the diversity of project types. The design is never a rubber stamp. Unique conditions, whether they are suburban or urban locations, give each project a distinct character. I appreciate being in the development community with the urgency and healthy/good pressure. Furthermore, the design challenges, budget considerations, and the fluid ever-evolving challenge to raise the bar for Class A Plus product makes every day exciting.”

Tim Homburg gives his thoughts. Photo by: ArchPhoto KC

NSPJ is uniquely positioned to create a strong sense of home using forward thinking. We specialize in single family, multifamily, mixed-use, and senior living. Furthermore, we have over fifty years of experience and designed over 60,000 units of multifamily dwellings. As well as, a proven track record of designing projects that fit into our clients’ proforma.  This expertise in multifamily has included mixed-use, podium, wrap, breezeway, and conditioned corridor for rent units throughout the Midwest.

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