Our award-winning architecture practice focuses on single-family residential homes, commercial projects, and mixed-use and multifamily developments. We work with clients across the United States and have the breadth of experience to create successful designs for any project.

Single-Family Residential Architecture
Designing a new home or significantly remodeling or expanding an existing home is a process of inquiry and discovery. We work with each client to discover the place’s essence and the family for which it is intended. We believe that creating a new home or remodeling an existing one is a process of making a place that feels both new and old: new, in that it is a fresh response to the existing conditions; and old, in that it contains deep and familiar qualities that make a place a home.

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Avenue 80 in Overland Park, Kansas, multifamily design, mixed use design, nspj architects

Mixed-Use & Multifamily Architecture
We have unparalleled, cross-market experience in all of the individual components of a mixed-use development. Our understanding of the inherent programmatic challenges associated with multiple residential, commercial, office and retail occupancies is the first step in creating successful mixed-use projects. We bring a comprehensive understanding of the possible inherent conflicts between the needs of the various program types in structure, mechanical, access, security and personal environment.

The design and development of multifamily residential communities is a complex and challenging process. It requires a thorough understanding of all aspects of the project, including densities, site constraints, zoning ordinances, accessibility requirements, building codes, surrounding environmental forces, residential neighborhood associations, and community master plans.

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Burns Boys Commercial Headquarters in Kansas City, Kansas, Designed by NSPJ Architects

Commercial Architecture
Our intelligent and thoughtful design practices empower us to create commercial projects with superb relevance, function, and recognition in the community. We have designed some of the most recognizable and respected commercial projects in the Kansas City metro and throughout the Midwest region; we can do the same for you.

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