Sending Our Warmest Wishes To Rick Jones After 48 Years


In 1973, Rick Jones began his career at NSPJ Architects. The same year the firm was officially incorporated where we became an employee-owned business with the formation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.  At that time Bill Prelogar & Rick Jones became Principal Architects and officers of the corporation now named NSPJ; Nearing Staats Prelogar & Jones AIA Architects, Chartered.


Refined Cottage


Rick has designed many iconic homes across the Kansas City metro area particularly in the Mission Hills and Leawood areas. Over the years, he has won countless awards for his custom residential designs. More recently, he completed the land plan and design of the luxury Hallbrook East Village of Hallbrook Farms. Rick has mentored employees and has been a key part of the single-family residential studio.


Rick Jones Teaching History


I would not be where I am today without Rick’s guidance.  – Katie Martinovic, Vice President/Principal Landscape Architect


Rick has been an incredible mentor to me over the last 20 years.  I find myself sketching and giving design feedback in ways that are eerily similar to what he did when teaching me.  I hope he knows that his legacy is living on in the Architects and Designers he taught over the years as well as the MANY homes and buildings he designed. – Theresa Curtis; Vice President/Associate Principal Architect


Prairie-Style Contemporary


Hallbrook East Village


This Friday, May 14th, Rick will retire where he and his wife will spend their time relaxing and traveling to places they have yearned to visit.  We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Rick for his mentorship, timeless designs, and inspiration.  We would not be where we are today without his dedication to the firm, his clients, and his vision.  He leaves an unmatched legacy of timeless homes with distinct detail and proportion. Warm wishes of a happy, healthy, and relaxing retirement. Cheers from all of us at NSPJ Architects.


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