TruckMovers Annex

Independence, Missouri


Architecture, Landscape Architecture

Back in 2010, NSPJ designed the original TruckMovers building in Independence, Missouri. Over the last 10 years, with quite a significant growth in business, they were in need of a new building, TruckMovers Annex, to house their call center. The goal was to design a call center that would be inviting to work within and integrate natural light as we did in the original building.

The call center consists of a main room that houses the employees, several conference rooms and offices, and a break room. The new building is designed and built with a steel frame. It creates an openness, providing a lot of natural light through the lantern or clerestory windows as well as the skylights. A unique element for the call center is the suspended light soffit above the supervisors’ desks. It hangs below the clerestory that is hung from the steel frame by tension bars or rods. Additionally, we integrated the orange (company color) acrylic bottom lens that lights the workspace.

Additionally, NSPJ provided the landscape architecture for TruckMovers Annex. The goal was to create a welcoming environment that enhanced employee comfort and happiness. The use of large stacked stone walls and on-brand outdoor furniture created an inviting atmosphere. In addition to designing the necessary building footprint, stormwater detention was also required on the site. To overcome this challenge, a large stacked stone wall was used to enhance the look and increase the capacity of the BMP pond which detains stormwater.

General Contractor
Aaron Good Construction

Interior Decorator
LS Interior Design, LLC

Latimer, Sommers & Associates

HD Engineers

Phelps Engineering Inc.

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