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Independence, Missouri


Architecture, Landscape Architecture

Originally a medical office building that had stood vacant and in disrepair for a number of years, the new headquarters is designed to support business process efficiency while also providing an open, spacious employee work area.

To address the level changes created by the building’s sloping site, the building itself was stepped down at four different locations to create five levels plus a basement. This also provided distinct spaces for each of the three company divisions: business and administrative (upper level), working (two middle levels), and IT (lower level). On the west side of the building, a series of ramps allows for an accessible route between the levels and an alternative to the steps on the east side of the building. There are building entrances on the main, upper, and lower levels.

Additional skylights were added to existing skylights for maximum natural light. To promote environmental efficiency, sensors within the space monitor the amount of natural light and automatically adjust the use of interior fluorescent fixtures to maintain the desired light level for the working environment.

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