How To Build Your Dream Home

Work with a Residential Architect with a Proven Discovery Process for Best Results

Designing a new custom home or significantly remodeling or expanding an existing home is a process of inquiry and discovery.

At NSPJ Architects, we believe that creating a new home or remodeling an existing one should result in a home that feels both new and old. It will feel new in that it is a fresh response to the existing conditions; and it will feel old in that it contains deep and familiar qualities that make a place a home.

The facets of a residential architect’s role are as varied and fascinating as their work. They are trained and licensed professionals who lead the process of creating functional spaces, from concept and design to a full realization of those designs.

NSPJ works with each client to discover the place’s and the family’s essences. As a result, we create timeless designs with distinctive detail and proportion. Our work is inspired, holistic and innovative with unmatched expertise in residential-focused environments – just what you’d expect from an architecture firm founded in 1961 and spanning four generations.

Every house is different. Every project is different. But what remains the same is the level of thought and innovation our architecture firm puts into the process. Keep reading to get important advice when you’re thinking about pursuing your dream home.

Prepare to Answer These Residential Architecture Questions

Before you contact a residential architect, be prepared to answer a series of important questions. These include:

  1. Do you already own a lot for a new build, or are you seeking to remodel your existing home?
  2. What will the size of your new home be? Or, what size is the home you wish to remodel? This includes the number of bedrooms, living spaces, and other rooms you’d like to have in your finished home.
  3. What is your preferred residential architecture style? Find photos of styles you like or homes that inspire you. Look at styles like Tudor, Mediterranean, modern, and traditional.
  4. When do you expect your new home to be completed? What is your timeline?

Schedule a Meeting with an Architecture Firm

Once you can answer these questions about your home project, contact NSPJ Architects to set up a meeting – which can be in person or via video conference.

During this meeting, we’ll talk to you more about your future home ideas and to seek out your vision. Our team carefully listens to your dreams and preferences to guide our design and processes.

Our architects will consider your home’s size – by square footage or by room and style. We’ll talk about the materials, colors, and textures you like. The more details you have, the better. This helps us ensure we’re including things you love and want in the final design.

front of a remodeled home

Original Rendering:  Front of Home

back of a remodeled home

Construction Complete:  Front of Home

Our Architects Create a Room-by-Room Plan

After the meeting, our team of residential architects get to work by crafting a room-by-room plan with notes about any special details we’ll need to consider during design. For example, here is a room-by-room plan outline that we use for our residential clients.

  • Living Room: Bookcases, fireplace, and other space requirements? Vaulted ceilings?
  • Kitchen: Layout preference (galley, L-shaped, etc.)? Island? Walk-in pantry? Special appliances to accommodate?
  • Dining Room: Separate room, or space for a table in the kitchen? How many people should the room accommodate?
  • Home Office or Study: Ideal location within the home? Special views outside the window? Preference of quiet, isolated space, or more stimulating conditions?
  • Garage, Mudroom, and Laundry: How much storage? Location within home?
  • Primary Suite: Walk-in closet? En-suite bathroom? Adjacent to other bedrooms, or isolated for privacy?
  • Bedrooms: How many? What kind of closets? What sizes?
  • Entertainment: Games room and its special requirements i.e. large enough to accommodate a pool table, bar, or golf simulator?
  • Exterior: Entry porch, screened porch, terraces, swimming pool. How will you use the outdoor spaces? How do you prefer to experience the outdoors?

Keep in mind that even small details can influence a single room or the entire project, and the outside of your home should be an extension of what’s inside – just as beautiful and just as functional. With collaboration from our landscape architecture team, we provide clients with year-round greenery, pools, hot tubs, waterfalls, basketball courts, and more.

back of a home that has been recently remodeled

Original Rendering:  Back of Home

back of a home that has been remodeled

Construction Complete:  Back of Home

Get Inspiration for Your Home in Our Portfolio of Residential Architecture Projects

To experience the level of thought and detail our holistic process allows us to inject into the homes we design, visit our portfolio of custom homes. Here, you’ll find other clients’ custom designs that can inspire your own home. You also can find inspiration by visiting our Pinterest or Houzz accounts.

Contact our architects in our Prairie Village, Kansas offices to start designing your custom new home today. Not quite ready to make the first step? Look out for our next blog: How to hire an architect.

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