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2023 Architectural Trends in Kansas City

What to Expect in Design and Function from Groundbreaking Architecture Firms

Truly modern architecture firms take an intentional approach toward trends – grasping tightly onto those with lasting relevance and abandoning those that are sure to be short-lived.

In our drive toward excellence, NSPJ strongly respects the context of carefully-proportioned, richly-detailed architecture and efficient space planning. As such, we’re collectively embracing these six architectural trends this year because we believe they’re timeless and vital to the future of our city.

Virtual Reality in Architecture Services for Improved Visualization of Projects

A virtual reality architectural presentation provides you with a full 360-degree view, enabling you to get a feeling for space and design and perceive the actual scale of a project.

NSPJ recently added the technology, with the vision that one day, every architectural design project can be experienced in virtual reality. With VR, our architects can create an immersive 3-D experience that touches clients emotionally and clearly presents groundbreaking architectural ideas.

At NSPJ, we’ll implement virtual reality in all our architecture services, including landscape architecture and residential architecture. One of the biggest benefits we see is the ability to make certain real-time model changes during a meeting to improve visualization and understanding, particularly depending on our clients’ and projects’ needs.

Sustainable Design and a Focus on Renewable Resources and Energy Guides Our Kansas City Architects

In the past several years, you’ve probably heard about sustainable design. But what does that mean, exactly? Sustainable architecture, in particular, defines a building designed and built to significantly reduce the damages inflicted on the health of its inhabitants and environment. A sustainably-designed building is important because it uses substantially less energy and water in the long-term, and it’s built using fewer chemically toxic materials. In short, sustainable architectural design puts an overall focus on reducing human or environmental impact.

A few examples of sustainable design are found in such things as solar panels and natural heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. These help to reduce wasteful and sometimes harmful energy consumption, thanks to the use of renewable energy sources – and a net zero effect in which buildings produce as much energy as they consume is a noble goal for every sustainable architectural design project. Rainwater collection and recycling gray water can also seamlessly blend into architecture and the landscape; these systems reduce water usage by recycling water for use in irrigation.

Creating Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces Through Thoughtful Landscape Architecture

By blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, our residential and landscape architects create glamorous spaces that can be used year-round, essentially expanding the living space in any home.

In the past year, NSPJ has seen an increase in requests for outdoor spaces and pools incorporated into residential architectural designs. Retractable and metal slat roofs, terrace steps illuminated by energy-efficient LEDs, and outdoor living spaces such as kitchens and showers are becoming standard.

Work-from-Home Spaces Integrated into Architecture and Design

After the pandemic, many employers elected to not require their teams to head back into the office, and remote work became more and more popular. Flexibility at home is more important than ever.

This trend has led to the appearance – and importance – of study or desk nooks integrated into custom furniture pieces and multifamily architecture floor plans. Indeed, the best multifamily buildings also now include co-work spaces for residents to use.

A Push Toward Multifamily and Mixed-Use Architecture

Location is a driving factor for the development of both multifamily and mixed-use buildings. Despite the cost of commodities and labor this year, the team at NSPJ Architects are experiencing a demand for project approvals, as we anticipate building costs to drop soon.

Similarly, a millennia-old mixed-use building model is driving urban revival and renewal, with Kansas Citians of all ages drawn to these types of buildings and the comfort of having shops, restaurants, and a range of services at their doorsteps, reducing vehicle reliance for the environmentally-conscious, and those seeking to simply drive less. Mixed-use buildings tend to come with more affordable rents and easier maintenance – which is why NSPJ welcomes more requests for these types of projects.

The Townhome: A Residential Architecture Force

Also trending up this year are townhomes, which offer a living experience similar to a single-family home, at a lower price point for purchase or rent.

The cost of townhomes is more affordable because they tend to be slightly smaller than the average detached single-family home – but even a large townhome with modern and luxurious amenities come with lower long-term maintenance costs and less expensive utilities, thanks to shared walls that provide added insulation.

Townhomes also can be located more centrally, near work and amenities, because they fit into smaller city lots. Location is a major driving factor in homebuyers’ choices in 2023.

Our Kansas City Architecture Firm Stays Up-to-Date on the Latest Trends

With constant, continued education, NSPJ remains current on trends coming and going. It’s how our architects and landscape architects are able to create fundamental, timeless design elements with distinctive detail and proportion that are meant to last forever. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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