Growing Together – The Art of Landscape Architecture


Landscape architects have a special, unique profession to be able to create environments, with the help of science and design, in innovative ways of creating functional and practical spaces that inspire. It is the perfect marriage of art and science and gives form to outdoor spaces which are more comfortable, giving them a true purpose.


Every great landscape architect has a high appreciation of timeless design principles and are avid followers of the current trends. Each of our landscape projects are innovative in design and a touch of possibilities for the future. April is World Landscape Architecture Month with a 2021 theme of #GrowingTogether. Here is what our landscape architects had to say about how their work helps communities grow together.




I think that the creation of spaces where people can socialize and interact with the environment provides opportunities for people to form connections to a place and their community. – Michelle McElroy; Landscape Architect I




We are constantly striving to create pedestrian experiences which focus on variety, connectivity, and mostly importantly, equality so that enjoyment can be found by all users, creating unification, and a sense of community. – Brad Hus; Landscape Architect III / Project Manager




The thing that stands out to me most is landscape architecture provides the opportunity to create multiple spaces within a larger site.  These spaces can have specific or multiple uses, be programmed for particular age groups, or be designed to be a more active or a quieter space.  When all of these things come together, you get a site with multiple variables, something that can cater toward everyone.  Where elements overlap, and spaces have multiple uses, you begin to see a stronger community, as people might interact with others they normally wouldn’t.” – Amy Larrance; Landscape Architect I




Our communities include spaces that provide opportunities for neighbors, friends, and families to grow together and connect with nature.  The swimming pools, shared gardens, outdoor sports areas, dog parks, and walking trails or small plazas we design make our neighborhoods more than just shelter, they make it home.  They create memories that people hold onto and have pride in for generations.  – Katie Martinovic; Vice President / Principal Landscape Architect




Our profession most definitely helps communities by bringing people together. For example, skateparks! I got into Landscape Architecture because I used to skate all the time and I’ve recently done research into popular skateparks around the world and their cultural value. Southbank Skate Spot in London, England is one of great value because it forced the skaters utilizing it to band together when the space was about to be transformed into a retail space. We design spaces, and the people using them transform those spaces into places.  – Vic Sobotka; Landscape Architecture Intern




Landscape architects think outside the box and work with less to create more.  They, therefore, not only design beautiful things; they create purposeful areas that make living better.  #GrowingTogether & #WLAM2021

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