English Garden Pool House

A repeat client came to us with the desire to add a pool and cabana to their existing property.  Because of site constraints and setbacks, the site as it was could not accommodate these new amenities.  The client had an opportunity to purchase an adjacent property to one side of the existing house where there would be room to accommodate the new structures.  The challenge though became how to create these accessory structures that would be clearly visible from the street sitting side by side with the house, and still have them read like accessory structures.  The existing house is a beautiful stately English Tudor residence so the concept was born to create an English garden and “garden house” that would read as an accessory to the main house.  The garden house would serve as the barrier between the pool and the street, both physically and visually, eliminating the need for most of the fencing around the pool on the street side.  The garden house would function as the pool cabana providing a nice gathering space, a small kitchenette, a bath/changing room, and a storage/mechanical space.


English Garden and Pool House in Mission Hills, Kansas designed by Kiley Darden at NSPJ Architects      English Garden and Pool House in Mission Hills, Kansas designed by Kiley Darden at NSPJ Architects

A Pool of Inspiration

The new garden house took cues from the existing residence for detailing – implementing steel windows and doors, brick, timbering, and slate roofing, giving the structure an authentic English Tudor personality.  Bracketed arbors were integral in the design to provide a decidedly garden structure feel.  These arbors frame the large steel door openings facing both the garden side of the structure and the poolside.  The arbors took cues from the existing residence for their design but were purposefully a uniquely designed element to further reinforce this as a garden structure with its own elements only found on this structure.


Every Rose

The site had some grade challenges, but the client liked the idea of a “secret” English garden which was accommodated nicely by the natural terrain setting the garden, garden house and pool in a lower position from the main house.  New stone walls were added to match and supplement some existing stone walls.  The stone walls coupled with large hedges helped to create the “secret garden” feel that will only improve as time goes on as the landscape matures to further conceal the wonderful new outdoor spaces they enjoy with family and friends. Check out the full portfolio here.