English Garden & Pool House

Mission Hills, Kansas



Located in scenic Mission Hills, Kansas this English Garden & Pool House was designed with details that were inspired by the main residence. Hence, the steeply pitched roofs, brick exterior with half-timbering, and steel windows and doors which are all common features to the English Tudor style. While staying true to the character of the property and architectural style, unique detailing like bracketed arbors make it well suited for its garden setting. As is common with traditional English Gardens, the client desired to create a space that was more removed from the main residence. The combination of natural stone walls and hedges assisted with the challenging site grading and was an opportunity to create the desired ‘secret’ garden feel.  Inside, there is lots of room to relax in the bright open air space with the pool on one side and English garden on the other.

General Contractor
Gene Fritzel Construction

Interior Designer
George Terbovich

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