Studio Updates: What we have been busy achieving

From Studio C at NSPJ Architects, we find some fascinating happenings in the world of architectural design and creation.  We asked the Project Manager and team members to explain a few unique experiences.


Iris Abramof, Designer III/Project Manager of Studio C, explained the design process and challenges of detailing a floating staircase.  She was excited to collaborate with the interior designer and structural engineer to create a unique statement piece.  By combining the strength of structural steel with the warmth of walnut, she was able to achieve the desired aesthetic.


Paul Staats, Executive Vice President/Principal Architect, and Asher Hughes, BIM Manager, are working together with new technology saving time and energy.  New hardware and software technologies can impact the decisions made and create a work ready plan.  Working together as a team ultimately makes their projects more cost-efficient and those choices allow them to make better decisions.


The clean lines have always been represented with traditional styles, however Paul states that the contemporary characteristics are coming back around after quite some time.  He is delighted to see the use of new materials and how they interact with each other.


Cody Anderson, Designer II, is proud of her work on some recent projects.   In a 1970’s mid-century modern home with four interconnected split-levels with varying floor and ceiling heights, an elevator was requested by the client, and could only be located in one strategic place to accommodate access to all floors.  She felt it was a fun challenge to accommodate all the requests of the client, while maintaining the original architect’s design intent. 


She found cost-efficient design plans for use of smaller spaces especially stimulating.  The differentiation of the front of multiple residences was essential in making every home have their own personality.  


Cody was also involved in a residential renovation that kept growing over time that included a radial stone wall with skylights, theater room, wine room, new deck, extension of the roof, and an addition of an elevator. This project was designed using a newer technology and would have not been possible with older versions.  


Collaboration is key in all NSPJ studios.  Having a vast amount of experience in single family home design, Tim Hauschild and Cheri Beaver, both from Studio R, helped Cody with the quality control reviews and gave her new insights.


Our team brings your vision together with our extensive experience to accomplish client’s goals.  We continue to create timeless designs with distinctive detail and proportion.  Our work is inspired, holistic and innovative with unmatched expertise in residential focused environments.


NSPJ Architects is celebrating our 60th year!  Learn more about our core values and see our recently completed custom homes.

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