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Spark Your Career: The Opportunities and Values that Define NSPJ

Premier Internship and Employment Opportunities for Commercial and Residential Architects

NSPJ Architects’ award-winning portfolio demonstrates design excellence across many decades. Yet a tour of our portfolios is only part of the narrative that defines our commercial and residential architecture firm in Kansas City.

Our work is more than sophisticated custom home designs, strategic, future-forward space planning and the dynamic synthesis for commercial growth and residential living. NSPJ’s dedication to education, an inclusive professional culture and the values upon which our firm was founded make accomplished design work possible.

This work continues into our 63rd year as we hire the best architects and designers, offer impactful internships for burgeoning professionals and continue to lead the way among Kansas City’s storied list of firms. Continue reading to learn more about each of these important areas of focus or visit our Spark website now to view current openings, information on our internships or get to know the culture and values that drive NSPJ.

Internships at Our Full-Service Architecture Firm

An internship in architecture and design provides real-world experience in the field and meaningful professional connections. This opportunity is amplified exponentially when an undergraduate architecture student finds a placement with a superior commercial and residential architecture and design firm.

NSPJ is an award-winning firm that offers year-round internships. Students learn from our depth of experience with multifamily, mixed-use, custom home and landscape architecture typologies.

The internship experience at NSPJ includes:

  • Site visits
  • Exclusive insights into the NSPJ design process
  • Opportunities to listen in and share ideas on current projects
  • Participation in professional development
  • Presentations from industry experts
  • Headquarters positioned in a major U.S. architectural hub

NSPJ also currently sponsors a studio at Kansas State University’s undergraduate architecture and design program, where NSPJ team members initiate collaborative discussions and provide feedback on student work. Our commitment to educating the next generation of architects is an indispensable part of our values as a firm. NSPJ continues to build on the foundation we laid in 1961 and look forward to where we are headed in the future with talented, dedicated aspiring architects.

Learn more about all our premier internships provide by applying now for a Spark internship from the commercial and residential architects near you at NSPJ Architects.

Your Next Step: Join Our Firm

Our portfolio speaks for itself, presenting elegant, first-class custom home designs, intuitive and artful spaces to gather in the outdoors and opportunities to expand the notion of what it means to live, work and play.

NSPJ team photo working with Habitat for Humanity

Yet none of our successes can occur without the collaborative impulse of a high-functioning team. NSPJ looks forward to inviting new team members into our fold to experience the community, culture and creativity that defines our commercial and residential architecture firm in Kansas City.

In particular, NSPJ provides a culture of unlimited support. Not only does our team offer the scaffolding that leads to the completion of exceptional projects, but we also support individual members on their professional journeys. An open-door policy encourages dialogue between leadership and first-year architects, forging relationships and bettering each other’s capabilities with new perspectives.

Team members in their first architecture role participate in NSPJ’s signature Spark program, which provides comprehensive support for AXPⓇ in all areas. We also provide ARE study materials and reimbursement for ARE fees along with compensation for exam time.

All team members receive a competitive benefits package, including 100 percent employer-covered health insurance, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and more. Visit the NSPJ Spark website to explore open roles and view a complete list of benefits for all new hires.

A Commitment to Excellence: Our Kansas City Residential Architecture and Design Firm Lives Its Values

Architecture is a field that marries the humanities and sciences, requiring vision, expertise, precision and intuition. NSPJ Architects understands that no architect or designer’s role is sustainable without a culture to support them as professionals and people. An architect can activate their talents far more successfully in a culture of design excellence, client-focus, integrity, collaboration and a commitment to strong relationships. Each of these aspects of our culture represent NSPJ’s core values.

team outing for NSPJ

Our leadership advocates for our team members’ work-life balance. We build enduring relationships to promote professional growth and camaraderie among team members. We treat our clients with the same unflagging respect to achieve the outcomes they desire. No commercial and residential architecture and design firm can forge meaningful partnerships without a values-driven client focus. This, in turn, allows our team members to thrive professionally, as we continue to attract new clients to our firm.

No matter what phase of your career you are in, NSPJ invites you to reignite your professional journey and apply for an open career opportunity or internship. Our commercial and residential architects near you look forward to meeting you.

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