Energy Efficiency

Our energy efficiency team meets a growing demand for more energy-efficient homes and offices by identifying and improving clients’ Home Energy Rating Score (“HERS”) through testing, analysis and planning. We also help clients develop and implement the requirements for ENERGY STAR® certification.

Energy Efficient Solar Panels on the Roof of Centropolis | NSPJ ArchitectsEnergy-efficient solar panels on the roof of Centropolis on Grand in downtown Kansas City.

Detail of Energy-Efficient Solar Panels on the Roof of Centropolis on Grand | NSPJ ArchitectsClose-up of solar panels.

Determining Your HERS Rating

We use a two-part solution to help our clients achieve optimal energy efficiency and a lower HERS score. The first environmental efficiency test is a visual inspection conducted during the rough stage of construction, after insulation is in place and prior to any drywall installation. This allows us to ensure that the proper insulation rating (R factor) has been installed in your ceilings and walls to prevent air leaks.

The second stage of environmental efficiency testing is conducted at project completion. It can also be used for existing homeowners who are looking to improve their home’s energy efficiency. During this testing, we use specialized tools to determine the amount of air leakage in the home and duct work. Once testing is complete, our software produces the HERS score and allows us to make precise recommendations to improve energy efficiency. NSPJ is certified in HERS index score testing.

ENERGY STAR® Certification

We also help our clients achieve ENERGY STAR® certification. This can include greener development processes, the use of ENERGY STAR® appliances, and other approaches to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Achieving ENERGY STAR® certification for a home or business involves much more than simply reducing your HERS index score. We can customize solutions to help achieve energy efficiency goals. NSPJ is ENERGY STAR® certified.

For Homeowners

A home energy audit can reduce utility bills, provide a more comfortable living space, and increase marketability for resale. Depending on the city and state, homeowners may also qualify for federal and state tax credits and local utility rebates. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency® provides information on the credits available in each state and the requirements for obtaining them. Most often, a certified home audit will be the first step.

For Builders & Contractors

Some Kansas and Missouri municipalities require a certain HERS score before a residential building permit is issued. We can work with you to meet local building permit requirements and identify rebates associated with energy-efficient improvement upgrades.

NSPJ Energy Services can recommend the most effective upgrades to increase a building’s thermal performance. Our knowledge and approach maximizes your return on investment while maintaining a simplified construction process.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Tim Baldridge, LEED AP, RESNET® certified rater, at or (913) 831-1415.

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