Urban Infill Design in Overland Park, Kansas

Urban Infill Design

Overland Park, Kansas


With the heart of downtown Overland Park, Kansas in mind, we designed a three-story mixed use building which is ideal for this vacant 6,800 square foot Urban Infill site. Furthermore, the brick detailing gives a nod to the building’s historic surroundings and allows the contemporary design to blend in with the neighborhood.

The entry features a three-story atrium, creating an open, airy feel for patrons to enter. The first and second floors offer approximately 4,400 square feet of potential commercial space with generous, large windows allowing for maximum natural light throughout. The third floor penthouse has the opportunity to become either additional office space or a large spacious apartment. Furthermore, the penthouse has an approximately 1,000 square foot roof top terrace capturing the view of quaint downtown Overland Park.