Tranquil Backyard Redesign

Mission Hills, Kansas


Architecture, Landscape Architecture

Located in Mission Hills, our Architects and Landscape Architecture team have been entrusted to create an outdoor living space that features a cabana overlooking a linear swimming pool and a lush garden for a peaceful environment to relax and entertain. The beauty of this Georgian influenced design lies in its classical symmetry and the balance of accompanying gardens. Through collaborative design, the owner and design team have been able to bring an English countryside garden to a private home in the heart of Johnson County.

This project’s linear pool and multiple terrace levels are symmetrically aligned with the cabana and garden folly to create a formal canvas for the lush and picturesque landscape.  Precisely designed details include cut stone, wood trellises, field stone walls and steps, and discreet garden lighting. The owner’s request for a four-season cabana meant insulating and heating the space and investing in locally crafted pocketing carriage doors to keep in the heat for all year entertaining.

Many creative touches were designed for moments of delight throughout the garden.  One of the favorite additions is an enchanting garden folly structure which is a focal point seen from the cabana and centered on the pool.  A knot garden with its formal clean design in a symmetrical square frame and a soothing fountain at its center brings elegance in a previously forgotten corner of the yard. This garden consists of a variety of organic materials, aromatic plants and herbs coupled with hand stacked field stone garden walls.

Rob Holland


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