Mid-Century Modern

Prairie Village, KS



Located in Prairie Village, this couple desired a five bedroom, three and a half baths with an architectural style that blends minimalism & modernism, with a subtle mid-century overtone.  Designs unique for this home include the knife-point terrace with exposed steel beam framing, vaulted ceiling and clerestory windows to increase the light that enters the room and assist with air circulation in the great room, cantilevers on the second floor as they allow for overhanging structures that do not need to be supported from the outside, and the 20-degree bend in the floor plan.

Designing the rooftop terrace was a challenge to have enough depth to be able to provide adequate drainage while keeping the terrace low enough for a zero-entry from the office on the second floor.  To minimize the depth of the sloped material, our architects worked closely with the structural engineer to size the ceiling joists properly. A central roof drain was planned instead of a single slope to a gutter.

Our architects enjoyed working closely and collaborating with the contractor early in the process to ensure a successful design.

General Contractors 
Evan – Talan Homes

Apex Engineering, PLLC

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