NSPJ Architects

Equestrian Retreat

Paola, Kansas



Acres of scenic rolling terrain surrounds this Equestrian Retreat in Paola Kansas. Designed to maximize both indoor and outdoor living, the residence is laid out in a radial shape to envelope both front and back exterior courtyards that feel like large “outdoor living rooms” for entertaining guests.

Surrounded by mature trees, a clean sensibility of rustic Mediterranean style combines with rustic elements and large windows to strike a balance between old and new as the exterior needed to visually match the existing nearby barn and adjoined carriage-house built years previous by the clients.

All major rooms have light from two sides of the residence, unique for a home of this size. The large windows overlook spectacular surroundings, including a man-made pond at the back of the home.  In addition to the natural water element at the back, aspects of Italian and Spanish influence are incorporated in a water feature at the front of the home. Whether walking in or out of the house, a welcome feeling of tranquility and contemplation is nearby.

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