Historic Prairie-Style Remodel

Kansas City, MO


This stunning landmark residence in Kansas City, Mo., was originally designed in the early 20th century by Louis Curtiss. Located in the Country Club District, known for its collection of distinguished homes, NSPJ worked with the new homeowners to update the space to adapt to their lifestyle and entertaining seamlessly between the interiors and exterior of the residence. 

One important feature of the remodel was the kitchen, which required removing the island to open the room and make it more functional for the room. In the master suite, the space was improved to provide better flow in the bedroom and the bathroom, while special high-end finishes were added throughout the bathroom, including the shower and bath. 

Outside, a new veranda, pool and terrace serves as the perfect gathering space to entertain guests or relax. The veranda above the patio mirrors other original architectural details of the home, such as the overhang in the billiards room.  

Gene Fritzel Construction 

Interior Designer
Annie Kern Interiors 

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