Contemporary West Plaza Home

Kansas City, Missouri



Located just off the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, this custom residential home is designed to transition the clients from traditional stylings to a contemporary, minimalist lifestyle.  The home will be built to increase the flow of natural light throughout all of the rooms. The roof top decks and sky lounge area offer the client dramatic views of the Plaza from any angle of the home.

Unique features of the home include an open area, top floor retreat with voluminous vaulted wood ceilings and natural lighting on all four sides. Additionally, the client is passionate for cooking, so naturally the kitchen serves as a focal point in the project. It is designed to place the appliances in an efficient manner, with an abundance of storage and secondary appliance stations for preparation ease. Furthermore, several pieces of treasured Scandinavian design furnishings were taken into consideration when planning the design to showcase these pieces specifically.

The contemporary architecture represents a radical departure from the typical traditional style seen commonly in the Midwest. More frequently, we are seeing requests from all demographics, including baby boomers, for this type of open-plan/more-minimal style of design.

General Contractor
Homoly Construction

“Weaving Modern into the Eclectic West Plaza Neighborhood”, NSPJ Firm News

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