Exterior of Leawood, Kansas Cape Cod style home
Dining room in Leawood Cape Cod style home
Kitchen island in Leawood, Kansas Cape Cod style home
Kitchen with island in Leawood Cape Cod style home
Wine and coffee bar in Cape Cod style home in Leawood, Kansas

Cape Cod Style Remodel

Leawood, Kansas


Located in a historic district of Leawood, Kansas, this home had plenty of charm but not enough living space. The ceiling joists were reshaped to create an extra 5-6 inches of space for the chandelier. The wine and coffee bar was moved into the living area to create more space in the kitchen, and the living room built-in shelving was removed to provide the owners with a wider variety of storage and design options. A coat closet was added by reclaiming part of the garage space and relocating the entry from the garage into the home. The main staircase was opened up, contributing to a more open feel. Relaid hardwood floors and a unified color palette reinforce the spacious feeling and tie the rooms together. An exterior portico entry was added to give the home a touch of additional character while maintaining the clean lines found throughout the interior of the home.

General Contractor
Line Construction Company

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