A Private Pocket Park


Landscape Architecture

This beautiful private park is the perfect outdoor space for friends and family to gather and enjoy each other in all seasons.

Located in a gated maintenance-provided community with luxurious residences in close proximity, this project is unique as the goal was maximize privacy and create a calm gathering place for glasses of wine and casual get togethers.

The landscape architecture placed stone columns on the entry points of the park in the front and back, topped by black sculptural lighting fixtures. Landscaping along the perimeter of the park set a natural barrier, while the evergreen trees add another level of privacy.

Stone brick weave a path between the entry columns. In the middle of the park, the bricks form a circle, emphasized with a lighter border to mark an area for the firepit that features a sculpture in the middle with seating surrounding. A low stone wall around half of the area provides a sense of privacy while also serving as casual seating for additional guest or a place to set down drinks & food.

Landscaping included a variety of evergreens, as well as deciduous plant material, which provide colors in all seasons so that the area remains visually engaging and beautiful year-round.

The park is a private getaway with its own serene landscape area that seamlessly blends with the surrounding neighborhood.

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