Looking Forward to the Next 60 Years: How Our Architectural Firm Is Poised for Continued Excellence in the Future

Our People-First Approach and Dedication to Excellence Guide Our Way

In Kansas City in 1961, Howard Nearing fostered a vision focused on excellence in residential architectural design.

Since then, NSPJ Architects has built a longstanding reputation through a commitment to quality and a devotion to creating the best lifestyle environments for our clients. In collaboration, our residential and landscape architects work together to create a truly holistic design approach for all types of projects.

The past 60 years have served us well in teaching us what works. Since our founding, each generation has brought a new aspect to the architectural firm. Today, the tradition continues.

An Architectural Firm with a People-First Approach

Collegiality is the essence of what our architectural firm is all about. Our people-first approach, strong relations, and integrity are the foundation of our practice.

Our full-service architecture firm staff have built a tradition of excellence in service and architectural design that has grown from our headquarters in Kansas City.  Our projects span from Kansas City to Colorado, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Utah, New York, and many more in the United States to around the world.

Our diverse portfolio of projects all starts out with the same mantra of our residential-based focus. Whether the project is a custom home build, remodel, updated landscape design, new multifamily, an adaptive re-use of a historic building, or an all-encompassing site plan; our architects and landscape architects believe design and detailing should respect the existing environment and blend into its neighborhood – while public or private spaces should serve our clients’ needs.

We start with listening and having a sensitivity to clients’ needs in order to make a design a reality. With a client-focused approach and extensive experience in residential and landscape architecture, our team enables us to accomplish a client’s vision with consideration to the design aspects that require emotional connections and that our clients are passionate about.

Our Architecture Firm’s Service Lines Make an Impact

  • Designing a new home or significantly remodeling or expanding an existing home is a process of inquiry and discovery. We collaborate with each client to discover the place’s essence and the family for which it is intended. We believe that creating a new home or remodeling an existing one is a process of making a place that feels both new and old: new, in that it is a fresh response to the existing conditions, and old, in that it contains deep and familiar qualities that make a place a home. Our projects include primary residences, second homes, vacation homes, and new construction, as well as additions and renovations.
  • Whether updating an existing landscape or working in conjunction with our architects on a remodel or new home, our landscape architecture team creates unique, customized designs based on our clients’ immediate and future needs. We can customize the landscape to complement a variety of home styles, including traditional, natural, or low maintenance, modern, or classical for projects on large estates or small urban lots.
  • Landscape architecture for mixed-use, corporate developments, and office buildings consider both the natural environment and amenities, while meeting city landscape requirements. Our goal is to maximize aesthetics and our clients’ land values – while creating enjoyable designs for their customers and employees.
  • Using the fundamentals of residential architecture, our designs in the multifamily space have shaped the face of Kansas City, integrating projects reflective of the communities where they are built. Our firm’s sense of pride assists in the tremendous growth that has characterized our city – and will continue for years to come.
  • Our commercial mixed-use project clients appreciate our quality and expertise for how we create homes that roll into doing their businesses. As many people spend much time in their workplace, our commercial architecture projects balance the live/work/life balance.
  • NSPJ Architects have unparalleled, cross-market experience in all the individual components of a mixed-use development. Our understanding of the inherent programmatic challenges associated with multiple residential, commercial, office, and retail occupancies is the first step in creating successful mixed-use projects.
  • For senior citizens, senior living architects put their knowledge to use to create retirement and independent living communities worthy of a person’s next chapter of life.NSPJ Architects in Kansas City provide land-planning servicesfor a range of developments and help landowners meet their goals and shape their cities. Well-planned developments mean residents get the most from their cities and neighborhoods, and developers maximize their return on investment.

What’s Next for NSPJ Architects?

We have the responsibility to pass the baton to the next generation of architects as our firm continues to uphold the legacy that Howard Nearing established, while building upon it by doing things bigger and better than before.

We will create fundamental, timeless design elements with distinctive detail and proportion meant to last forever. At NSPJ Architects, your experience with us proves we strive for perfection in design, service, and everything we do.


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