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Virtual Reality: How and Why Architecture Firms Are Going High Tech

Our Residential Architecture Clients Can Now Explore Their Dream Homes Before They’re Ever Built

A beautiful, but static rendered image of your new home can only convey so much, even when your residential architecture team renders it at eye-level with furniture for scale. So what if you could walk through your dream home before it is even built?

Virtual reality systems have the power to change the way our architects design and communicate houses before they’re built. A user is instantly immersed in an environment that gives an unmatched sense of spatial awareness, scale, and depth.

NSPJ Architects recently added the technology, with the vision that one day, every architectural design project can be experienced in virtual reality. A VR experience can fool your brain into thinking what you’re seeing is actually real. Even though you know you are standing in the NSPJ offices, the sense of presence is overwhelming. It feels like you truly exist in the scene.

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Virtual Reality Aligns with Our Dedication to Excellence and Client-Focused Service

At NSPJ, we shorten the distance between ideas and shared experiences. With virtual reality, our clients are able to immerse themselves in the project to feel it from inside. Whether it is an interior or an exterior walkthrough, you can dive into the creative depth of architectural design ideas.

With virtual reality, our architects can create an immersive 3-D experience that touches you emotionally and clearly presents groundbreaking architectural ideas. VR enhances your understanding of the space and wisely invests in your time by reducing the number of required changes at the earliest stages of the design process. As a result, you’ll find satisfaction in your design even before you experience it in person.

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VR and Architecture: A Beneficial Pairing

A virtual reality architectural presentation provides you with a full 360-degree view, enabling you to get a feeling for space and design and perceive the actual scale of a project.

One of the biggest benefits we see is the ability to make certain real-time model changes during a client meeting to improve visualization and understanding, particularly depending on your projects’ needs.

Through virtual reality, you can see your new space’s style firsthand.  Getting a sense of style through a rendering can be difficult, especially when you can’t explore the flow of the space. VR makes it possible.

VR also is necessary to experience how the design works with the environment.  With street-view explorable 3-D renderings, you will see the whole picture – clear and inspiring.

Through VR, our architects are better able to communicate design intent; this is, in part, because VR can evoke a response in the same way that real, physical architecture can, providing a realistic experience of spaces yet to be built.

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Integrating Virtual Reality into Architectural Design: The Way of the Future

This sensation of actually being inside a building makes VR an incredibly powerful tool for communicating design intent. You do not have the ability to understand spatial relationships and scale simply by looking at a 2D plan or 3D model. VR can evoke a visceral response in the same way physical architecture can.

Effortlessly moving between building information modeling (BIM) and virtual reality can truly revolutionize the way we design homes, buildings, and landscapes. At any stage of the design process, our team can pop on a headset and instantly get a feeling of being inside the building. This simply cannot be matched by viewing a BIM model on screen.

The true power of the technology will be realized when virtual reality becomes an essential, integrated tool for design. It is one thing to model a building in a 3D computer-aided design software system, but using VR to experience how it will feel and function can take design to a whole new level – helping architects discover ways to improve upon the design and unlocking new ways of thinking about architecture.

Of course, for this to be used with all architecture projects, virtual reality must be quick and easy. We need to be able to take buildings into a VR environment at the click of a button so that we can make informed design decisions at the exact moment they are needed most. And at NSPJ, we can do it!

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See What Sets Our Kansas City Architecture Firm Apart from the Rest

Architecture, landscape, urban territory – whatever the challenging project you face, NSPJ Architects is your supporting 3D visualization team. At NSPJ, we can implement virtual reality in all our architecture services, including residential architecture and landscape architecture. We provide not only a human-eye, but also aerial or birds’-eye visualizations.

Our Kansas City architecture firm stays up to date on the latest trends – including technology – as we implement our new VR system. It is how our architects and landscape architects are able to create fundamental, timeless design elements with distinctive detail and proportion that are meant to last forever.

Contact us to learn more about how our services can help you achieve your dream home design.

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