Land Planning

Land Planning has been a part of our design process since our inception over 50 years ago. NSPJ Architects has strived to assist our clients in maximizing the value of the land and creating distinct communities within Kansas City and beyond.

Many land planning and development clients have clearly defined goals but need help making them a reality. At NSPJ Architects, our land plans work with the topography, landforms, natural resources, and existing vegetation to create the structure of the community. This approach creates identifiable, innovative land plans for residential communities, multifamily communities, mixed-use developments, and commercial campuses, workplaces, and districts.

As needed, we pull together teams of consultants ranging from engineers to contractors whose experience complements our own. Working with city officials and other necessary consultants, our Architects and Landscape Architects efficiently take development projects through the entire regulatory process.

NSPJ has worked with land developers, commercial real estate firms, realtors, municipalities, and individual land owners with all levels of land planning experience. Our goal is always the same, to create a successful, unique land plan that meets our clients’ needs.

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