Complete Remodel: When to Bring in a Custom Home Architect

Experienced Architects Bring Your Vision for Your Home to Life

The concept for a custom home remodel begins with an idea or an image of what your home could be. This vision can take many forms, depending on your needs, functionality of the home and aesthetics.

Some homeowners begin the remodel process by finding pictures of homes that serve as inspiration for their design. Others may concentrate on the home’s functionality and the specific needs to make it flow.

This vision for your home and its remodel should guide the project’s goals. A completed custom home transformation that isn’t founded on your deeply personal sense of how it should look and feel will not be the space that you desire.

If you’re ready to begin a remodeling project, keep your initial vision in mind. When the project is complete, you will feel satisfied that this idea has transformed into a fully realized remodel.

Start Your Custom Home Project with a Client-Focused Partnership

Having a vision of your custom home remodel is just the first step. Significant changes to your home’s footprint – such as moving walls, opening up staircases, installing floor to ceiling windows – can require an expert to ensure the changes capture your vision, while also bringing ideas on how to accomplish these goals. An architect can translate your vision into plans that ensure your home remodel will reflect your goals.

Consult with an architect early in the process, as they will be your closest partner from designing to construction, working with you and the builder

As you work together, an experienced architect will:

  • Listen attentively as you describe your vision for a custom home in order to understand the goals and then translate that into the design.
  • Foster a trusting partnership, in which you feel comfortable discussing your needs as they evolve.
  • Maintain a distinct client-focus that makes you feel that this is ultimately your project, not the architect’s.
  • Instill a profound confidence that this team can deliver your vision.

Expert architects will ask questions to understand your most niche ideas and details you want, and then address those needs in the design process to develop detailed drawings that will inform the builder. Look for an architect firm that has a client-focus and believes in establishing strong relationships with you, its team, the builder and interior designer.

When you talk to the architect, be as specific as you can. You may have a Pinterest board to illustrate examples of functionality you want in the remodel, or a design aesthetic that resonates. Explain the challenges of your home’s current footprint and the need for change, whether you’re looking for more room to grow your family or you’re looking for a home where you can enjoy your retirement. You may also want to communicate your preferences for sustainability, outdoor living, how you might use your space and even your desire for privacy or a regular stream of social engagements and guests. Each piece of your story will strengthen the relationship with the custom home architect and design team you’ve chosen.

Some clients don’t have a significant list of ideas or inspiration for their remodel. In this case, a trusted architect will make suggestions to help you develop a cohesive vision for your custom home. Whatever your approach may be, an extraordinary residential architecture and design firm welcomes a collaborative process to ensure they stay true to your most critical needs throughout the entire process, from initial concept to your home’s completion.

A Responsive Client-Focused Partnership Matters Throughout the Design and Building Process

The relationship you forge with your chosen architecture firm continues to pay dividends as the process continues. A premier architecture and design firm should uphold your vision well past the concept phase.

You should expect your firm to:

  • Develop clearly organized project phases
  • Understand your timeframe and budget
  • Navigate codes and regulations
  • Visit the site to understand your plot and neighborhood
  • Produce sophisticated digital drawings or renderings of your home-to-be
  • Consult with engineers and surveyors
  • Carefully recommend and select materials
  • Create detailed construction plans for bidding
  • Make cost-effective recommendations for the best construction bid
  • Consult with contractors during the build phase.

Exemplary Architecture: Three Kansas City Custom Home Remodels

NSPJ Architects designed the following projects, which represent some transformative remodeling work. NSPJ’s commitment to client-focused service helps create strong relationships with clients, highlighting the importance of inviting a residential architecture and design team into the process as soon as you’re ready to begin.

  • Leawood Transitional: When our clients described their remodel concept, NSPJ knew that much about the home needed to be reimagined, beginning with the floor plan. The completed project reimagines the flow of the home, adding a remarkable floating staircase, modern floor-to-ceiling windows and a neoclassical front entry with a seating area to perfectly achieve the clients’ vision for a bespoke suburban luxury home. View images from this project.
  • Shingle Style Lake House: Although this project began as a remodel project to add more guest rooms and an updated front exterior, our client-focused approach led to a greater understanding of their needs. The remodel expanded for a complete interior and exterior transformation. The client now has plenty of room to entertain, indoors and outdoors, with a modern kitchen, many gathering areas and plenty of bedrooms and baths in a distinctive lake home design. View the project portfolio.
  • Mission Hills French Colonial: This family home underwent a significant transformation based on the owners’ desire for a functional design, transforming this ordinary home into a French Colonial residence with character. Echoes of the French Colonial style are tastefully integrated alongside modern design features, including a contemporary open floor plan, plenty of natural light and brick-lined outdoor kitchen and living space. View this project in detail.

Start with a Custom Home Architect for Your Luxury Remodel

A custom home renovation project cannot advance beyond your vision without an architect you trust to guide you through the project phases, bring your project to life, and ensure the success of additional parties working on site.

Learn more about the benefits of a meaningful design partnership by viewing this portfolio of custom homes by NSPJ, a Kansas City architecture firm with more than 60 years of client-focused residential architecture and design experience.

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